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Are your leads pre-qualified? Yes, 100% of our leads are pre-qualified by our staff to make sure they want and expect to hear from you. They tell us what they are looking for and we make sure to double check their interest to make sure your leads are fresh by the time they reach you.
Can I schedule when my I start receiving my leads? Yes, you can decide which day (business days) of the week that your leads will start being delivered to you. Our normal start date is the following day after your purchase and you will start receiving leads unless you specify a different date at the time of your purchase.
What does a lead look like? What information is listed on a lead? We provide you with up to date information that covers: What service the lead is looking for, their company name, their name, the city where the lead is located, the state, the country, their phone number, website (optional) and email address.
How many companies will be receiving the leads that I purchase? We share our leads with no more than 5 companies at a time. The good news is that currently we have a ratio of less than 2 companies at a time share our leads since we have a high volume of quality leads.
How old are the leads that I receive? All of our leads are always less than 10 days old, in most cases they are zero day leads which means once we receive their requests for a service your provide it will be delivered to you each day. Once a lead has been shared with our limit of 5 companies it is no longer allowed to be shared with anyone else, however many times we share a lead with no more than 2 companies due to our high volume of quality leads.
How much do your leads costs and is there a discount for bulk purchases? Our pricing is currently the most competitive in the lead generation industry and we offer many flexible and affordable lead pricing. Our most popular lead pricing is $8.50 per lead, and we offer lead amounts up to 250 leads per purchase. If you are looking for more than 250 leads please feel free to contact us directly for a free price quote (
Can I select the type of lead I would like to receive during my campaign? Yes you have full control over the type of leads you would like to receive. You determine the type of leads you would like to receive at the time you purchase your leads. Our advanced lead service software will then make sure to deliver to you only the leads that match your lead type request.
What is the conversion/closure rate of your leads? We pride ourselves on providing high quality leads that express unwavering desire to purchase your services. For that reason our conversion rates are between 6-16% (very competitive), and can depend on a multitude of factors such as the person calling, their experience in telemarketing, your company history and your effectiveness to convey your products or services value. We do our part to make sure that every lead you receive is of the utmost quality and ready to convert!